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F1 werk

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We did a pilot for a F1 project that died on us, but still it was a fun project and looks good even in it’s unfinished form. It was done by Rafi, Vince, Norbi and myself in charge. You can see it on the site of POSTEDSION. And now for something completely differrent, some hungarian text.
A filmet megnézhetitek ott, de ami tényleg érdekes az a werk film amit Peiman arc rakott össze az f’ film készítéséről. Ez a werknek csak az első része és folyt. köv. állítólag. Nézzétek meg!
For the others:  you can check the making-of part by clicking on the image above,  edited, produced and directed by Peiman, myman. Unfortunately no english subtitle … yet.

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